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April 29, 2015
Call for volunteers: Health system experts, clinicians and health professionals
Achieving better cancer outcomes for all Canadians requires a collaborative approach that involves clinicians, health system leaders and people personally affected by cancer. That’s why the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer relies on the input and expertise of a range of individuals and groups through various advisory structures and volunteer opportunities. These perspectives are critical to the Partnership’s success in reducing the incidence of cancer, lessening the likelihood of Canadians dying from cancer and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by cancer.

A call for applications is now underway to recruit volunteers for the Partnership’s Advisory Groups, Steering Committees, Expert Panels and Working Groups. Interested individuals are invited to submit an application package no later than May 31, 2015. For more information about the application process, click here.
Standardizing surgical cancer reporting can improve care
Integrating clinical guidelines and standards helps save time, money and improve patient care
Standardizing surgical cancer reporting can improve care An evaluation of an electronic reporting system for surgeries related to seven types of cancer shows using a standardized electronic template for collecting surgical information can save time and money and help improve outcomes for patients.

Selected centres in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia participated in the pilot implementation and evaluation of electronic synoptic surgical reporting. The standards for electronic synoptic surgical reporting were developed by surgeons, representing all Canadian jurisdictions. Read more…
Introducing Analytically Yours: A collaborative community of cancer analysts
Analytically Yours: A collaborative community of cancer analysts Analytically Yours is a collaborative space created in response to the growing need to develop analytic capacity among cancer data analysts in Canada.

Analytically Yours fosters collaboration, facilitates knowledge exchange and supports the professional development of analysts within the cancer analytic community. Visit the site to register to access and download free training tools, network and interact with peers, follow content of interest to you and subscribe to various resources.
CCRA reports on achievements of the first-ever, pan-Canadian cancer research strategy
CCRA reports on achievements of the first-ever, pan-Canadian cancer research strategy The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) released a report on the achievements of the first-ever, pan-Canadian research strategy. This five-year landmark plan, which spanned 2010 to 2014, involved many cancer research funding organizations and was grounded in a common desire to optimize research done in Canada for greater and faster impact. The strategy yielded significant achievements and lays the foundation for continued collaborative action by CCRA members.

CCRA is the coordinating voice for cancer research in Canada. Its members include federal research funding programs/agencies, provincial research agencies, provincial cancer care agencies, cancer charities and other voluntary associations.

To read more about the achievements of the 2010-2014 cancer research strategy, click here.
Online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at healthy living
Online at 1 in 3 In the latest issue of 1 in 3, we take a look at healthy living, and how small life changes can result in massive benefits. We feature “Let’s make our day harder,” a video by Dr. Mike Evans, as well as other multimedia resources for health-care professionals.

Visit to see the latest issue of 1 in 3.
Visit, our online hub for Canadian cancer evidence, policy and practice.
More than 1 in 3 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Our digest, 1 in 3, makes the connection between the latest cancer evidence and what it means in practice.
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