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November 29, 2012

Lung cancer screening experts come together to act on evidence
Bringing the benefits of new strategies to Canadians

Armed with recent evidence that a new method of testing individuals at high risk for lung cancer can detect the disease early enough to save lives, a group of Canadian experts has formed a cross-country network to determine next steps as they move toward translating those research findings into practical applications and action. In a country where lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death and where it will claim an estimated 20,000 lives in 2012, the group's deliberations could be critical for Canadians.¹ Read more...

New evidence-based patient resource available for
cancer-related fatigue

Insights from patients key to shaping content

Mary Chaffey remembers what it was like to be hit by exhaustion.

"All of a sudden you can't even sweep up your kitchen floor. You can't stand by the sink and wash your dishes - just normal, everyday things that you do without thinking, you take for granted... and then the wind is taken right out of your sails." Read more...

Expanded inventory of cancer-related presentation slides now accessible online

A searchable directory of nearly 300 downloadable slides is available on cancerview.ca. The slides present data on a wide range of indicators from across the cancer control continuum, including the domains of prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and research.

The slides also present data related to the patient experience and end-of-life care, as well as long-term outcomes (incidence, mortality and relative survival). Many of these indicators are presented by age, sex, education level, geography and income level.

The slides in the Downloadable Slides Directory are available for non-commercial use and are intended particularly for members of the cancer community and the general public.


CancerView Canada

Information services on Cancer View Canada

News from our Canadian Partners provides information on awards, announcements, and coming events in cancer control across Canada. It is available on Cancer View Canada, the Partnership's portal connecting Canadians to online services, information, and resources for cancer control.

Check out the current edition of News from our Canadian Partners


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¹ Canadian Cancer Society's Steering Committee on Cancer Statistics. Canadian Cancer Statistics 2012, p. 9.

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